As a family-run company, we attach particular importance to the creation of long-term and sustainable value. This business approach characterises all our service and investment activities. We develop solutions and strategies for our clients which meet with their specific requirements in terms of growth and added value.

Today more than ever, growth of a business requires targeted, meticulously prepared expansion in strategically relevant markets. Diversification of business areas on the basis of a clear strategic foundation enables secure growth even in demanding times.

However, the success of our business is also a question of corporate culture: trust, reliability and responsibility are central values we demand and promote both within our company and in our collaboration with clients.


Our clients profit from the many years of expertise which we have built up in the regions of central and eastern Europe as well as in the Eurasian region. Precise knowledge of market developments and the political context are important foundations of our service portfolio - which includes:

Identification of strategic markets and business opportunities

Identification of challenges and risks, plus the development of strategies to overcome these

Meticulous preparation and acceleration of decision-making processes

Target and result-oriented collaboration with trusted local partners, companies and institutions


Seper Group Kft is a family-run company involved in global business operations. Independence and self-reliance, as well as our commitment to long-term added value, characterize our business style and corporate culture. In this context, in order to provide our bespoke advisory and development services, we leverage our access to an international network of experts and resources.



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